Shoot and Print Photo Station

Our Shoot and Print work flow is perfect for grand entrance photo ops! As the name implies, we’ll shoot and print within seconds to keep the line moving.


Shoot and Print Photo Station Features:


Professional Camera Work: We provide a professional photographer utilizing a high-end DLSR camera with studio lighting to ensure great shots.


Immediate Printing: Guests will receive a branded 4×6 photo within seconds.


Custom Overlays: Brand your photos with any frame, logos, and verbiage you like.


Digital Media: We deliver a flash drive with all event photos at the end of every event, and provide links to online galleries for the guests as well.


Available Upgrades:


Sleeves: Hard plastic sleeves ensure guests’ photos survive the wear and tear of a busy event intact.


Folders: Custom-printed frame folders provide an elegant keepsake.


Custom Backdrops: With notice, we can print custom backdrops and step and repeats.