Corporate Headshots

We’ll bring the photo studio to you! We have an all-inclusive portable headshot studio, and provide all the necessary pieces to get great professional portraits.

Professional Camera Work: We provide a professional photographer utilizing a high-end DLSR camera with studio lighting to ensure quality shots.

Personalized Sessions: With our system, employees schedule a time to come in and sit with us. We ensure each employee has time for 30 to 40 pictures, making sure they get a number of photos they’re truly happy with.

Immediate Sharing Capability: Guests can share their branded photos via email or text within seconds.

Discount Editing Services: We can refer your employees to a low-cost photo editing service so they can have their photos touched up- shadows removed, blemishes covered up, and so on. Their professional pictures will look perfect!

Digital Media: All event photos will be delivered via gallery links.


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