Green Screen Photography

Our Green Screen Photography gives you the option to place a person in front of any scene you can imagine. Put your guests into Belle Epoque Paris, let them swim under the sea, or draw them into their favorite cartoon. Great for themed parties, corporate events promoting a film or television show, and for anyone who wants to really wow their guests.

Green Screen Photography Features

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Single Shot on a Single Background

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Animated GIF: 3-4 Shots on a Single Background

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Animated Background: 3-4 Shots with an Animated Scene

Green Screen Options: Guests can choose from three options

1. Single shot on a single background

2. Animated GIF: 3 or 4 shots on a single background

3. Animated Background: 4 shots with an animated scene

Professional Equipment: High-end DLSR cameras and studio lighting arrays ensure professional green screen results.

Unlimited Background Options: Choose from thousands of background options or provide your own.

Attendant: A friendly and knowledgeable photo attendant always accompanies the booth to help your guests get the best shots.

Prints: Printing available in 4×6 layouts or 2×6 photo strip style; all prints include customized design. Photos print in seconds and are dry and ready to handle as soon as they exit the printer.

Custom Overlays: Brand your photos with any frame, logos, and verbiage you like.

Immediate Sharing Capability: Guests can email and text themselves their photos as soon as they take them! Emails can be sent out with any verbiage/branding you desire.

Props: We provide a variety of fun props for the guests to use in their photos. Ask us about special props for holidays or particular occasions/party styles!

Digital Media: We deliver a flash drive with all event photos at the end of every event, and provide links to online galleries for the guests as well.



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Available Upgrades:

Animated Background: Drop your guests in front of a dynamic, action-packed video sequence.
Custom Props: Ask us about special props for holidays and particular occasions/party styles. With notice, we can even provide custom props!

Green Screen Samples: