Roaming Shoot and Share

Our Shoot and Share Technology combines the high-quality shots of a professional roaming photographer with the instant sharing capability of modern photo booths. One of our professional photographers will roam your event, using a high-end DSLR camera to get shots of the guests, the venue, the food and the entertainers.  Upon request, the photographer can also remain stationary at a red carpet, step and repeat, or other point of interest. Guests can share their branded photos via email or sms within seconds from the attached tablet. It’s the best of both worlds!
Be sure and ask about our golf tournament photography options. We specialize in on-the-link photos, capturing foursomes at signature holes or any other backdrop you’d like!

Roaming Shoot and Share Workflow:



Photographer Shoots



Enter Email or SMS


Finished Photo Sent

Shoot and Share Technology Features:

Professional Camera Work: We provide a professional photographer utilizing a high-end DLSR camera to ensure you receive great photos.

Custom Overlays: Brand your photos with any frame, logos, and verbiage you like.

Immediate Sharing Capability: Guests can email and text themselves their photos as soon as they take them, via an attached tablet! Emails can be sent out with any verbiage/branding you desire.

Digital Media: Provide links to online galleries for the client and guests for free downloads.

Available Upgrades:

Print Station– A print station can be provided, with an additional attendant, to provide printed copies of guests’ photos.